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Dolomites : on top of oclini pass - 1989 mt

Garda lake : a real paradise for lola!

Garda lake

Gara lake : red submarine!


Lola's friends from denmark and sweden

Lola love the oclini pass

The monstery of pietralba

Landscape from the monastery

Love this place!!


The wild park of obereggen

Lets go dad!!!

Nice village at the renon plateau

Landscape from the renon plateau

The pyramids of stone

Lola on the renon plateau

Walking in the forest

In the cable car with lola

Lola on the cable car for the top

On the top of "punta lagro nero" -over 2000 mt

On bike with lola : the road for rolle pass

Lola on top of rolle pass - 1984 mt

Lola on top of passo valles - 2032 mt

Lola's friend on valles pass

On the road with lola : for st nicholaus valley

The st nicholaus valley

On the road for pordoi pass

The top of pordoi pass - 2239

The pordoi pass

Walking with lola on top of pordoi pass

The queen of dolomites

Love this place!!!

On the road for sella pass

Top of sella pass!! 2244 mt

On bike with lola for gardena valley

The gardena valley

The gardena pass - 2136 mt

Walking with lola on gardena pass

Landscape from gardena pass

Love this place!!

The road for valparola pass

The top of valparola pass - 2168 mt

The road for falzarego pass

Lola on falzarego pass - 2105 mt

Ready to go!!

The lake of fedaia pass - 2057 mt

To the next trip friends!!